What are the secrets revealed in the final season trailer of Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Season 8 latest video! The final season is getting closer and closer to us!

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Game of Thrones‘latest insider news…

Game of Thrones is back

The cover of the latest issue of American Entertainment Weekly

Game of Thrones has occupied the cover 23 times in these years.

A kind of

Kit Harrington himself accounted for seven times and Emilia Clarke for five times.

Guess who’s on the cover of Game of Thrones this time?

Yes, that’s the two “nail house” covers above.

This poster is also the first official poster for the final season.

A kind of

Not for the first time, though.

But it’s the first time to embrace each other as tightly as in this picture.

Entertainment Weekly Cover Story

Some exclusive insider information was also disclosed.

Movies were based on specific content

Clean up for you, and at the same time play the lower drain hole

A kind of

About the beginning of the eighth season

Now known plot

There’s probably a vague outline.

The opening of Game of Thrones Season 8 will take place in Winter City

This was done to echo the first season.

But this time it’s not the Robbers from the King.

It’s Deanery Margarine.

It’s all back to square one.

But things are different and people are different.

The group expanded the Winter City, adding towers, courtyards, etc.

The first season of Winter City is really shabby.

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Robert, Ned, Aunt Cat, Jody, Robert…

Some stubble s of grass died in the graveyard.

Three fools from that little Jody mini-sister to the Viable Queen

Bran and Arya are no longer climbing around the wall.

Looking for the little devil’s bear child

Jon Snow from the illegitimate son who couldn’t even attend the banquet

Become the absolute protagonist

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The same as the first season.

Seemingly harmonious reunion

In fact, the same undercurrent surges

This time it’s the whole human race against exotic ghosts.

But there are still many contradictions and resentments in the human camp.

All forces will inevitably interact violently.

And let’s think about it.

Let’s watch Game of Thrones from God’s Perspective

Some characters have never seen or understood each other at all.

Specifically how to twist a rope to fight against the powerful foreign ghost Army

Here’s a test of the writer’s skill.

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On the War between Man and Ghost

To be sure

This will be Game of Thrones’greatest, most stifling and most wonderful war scene.

This must be the climax of the play.

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Even said that the war between man and ghost

It will be an unprecedented war scene in the history of television and film.

The night scene lasted nearly two months.

Shooting time is more than twice as long as the bastard war.

No wonder the little devil said

By contrast, the bastard war

It feels like a theme park.

A kind of

Actually, as early as the second quarter of 2012

George RR Martin revealed the ending to the screenwriter.

That war was so breathtaking that it lasted forever.

So that the budget at that time could not be photographed at all.

Fortunately, the fire broke out in the future.

HBO can also invest countless amounts

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About ending

Begin with a strange ghost, and end with a strange ghost

Season 1, Episode 1, Act 1

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The iron gate on the Great Wall rises slowly

The night watchman went north of the Great Wall to look for savages

Unexpectedly, the first encounter with a strange ghost

So far the nightmare of the strange ghost has been hanging over Westeros

The Song of Ice and Fire Begins

And how will the final human-ghost war come to an end?

Let’s take a look at the strengths of exotic ghosts and the human response.

A kind of

We all know that there are not many exotic ghosts.

There are more ghosts without thought.

And the most headache is the head of a strange ghost, the Night King.

The strength of the Night King naturally need not to be said much.

Dragon Bug, he shoots in the air

You can even find Bran outside the normal dimension.

A kind of

Tactical strategy is not defeated by human beings.

Step by step lure humans across the Great Wall to get ice Dragons

Eventually destroyed the Great Wall with magical barriers

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Of course, they also have fatal flaws.

For example, thousands of ghosts can be turned into ash by dragon flame.

If you kill a strange ghost, the ghost transformed by him will also be able to fight for the dead.

Most importantly, a large number of Longjing were found in Longshi Island.

They will be arrows, daggers, scaleless people, free people, etc.

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So the picture of the war should be like this.

NPC Death of Heterogeneous Formula and Human Formula

There are two dragons to bless human beings.

And a lot of important characters will face the devil directly.

In addition to close-up combat, there is also a strategy debate.

Even the magic battle between Bran and the Night King

As for the ice dragon

I’ll leave it to Big Bolon.

A kind of

The war ended.

The story of Westeros is over.

Daenerys Targaryen cried

God, I’ll never have another chance.

Continue shooting Game of Thrones

Yeah, we’ll never see such a play again.

The first half of 2019

Are you ready?