88 of the strongest “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”! Full analysis of eggs

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Are you ready? Gomovies will give you a richer viewing experience with the details and allusions of “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” that you must know inside and outside the screen.

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The balance in 2018 is less than ten days. Is your annual top ten film list selected? Don’t worry, watch “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse “? . Before, I suggested leaving a space to be right. “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ” is definitely the last big meal for fans in 2018. The reputation of rotten tomatoes is not to be described here, if you have already seen it. The film, already experienced this new form of animation, then you understand what I am talking about.
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As long as it is a superhero movie, the single film must be inextricably linked with the subculture that it is backed up. At the time of the film release, gomovieswill have to know for you inside and outside the screen. The details and allusions of “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ” bring you a richer viewing experience. (spoiler reminder)

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1. Why are there six Spider-Man? Spider-Man universe to understand!

The most familiar Spider-Man from childhood to big is undoubtedly Peter Parker, but in fact there are many different versions of Spider-Man in the birth of “Spider-Man” comics. Marvel has always tried the concept of multi-cosm in this series. Every parallel universe will have the same role, but it has only been a loose setting for a long time. Until 2014, the extraordinary Spider-Man comic book author Dan Slot proposed to integrate Spider-Man in these different universes. Together, sharing the same multiverse, so that all the different Spider-Man can work together to fight together, so we have the “Spider Universe” movie we see today.

It is worth mentioning that the same concept is also used in Spider-Man’s dead venom to form a “venom universe.”

2 Spider-Man Six-Group Myers Morales

The main character of “Spiderman: Parallel Universe” is not Peter Parker, but an African-American Latina boy named Miles Morales. This character debuted in comics in 2011, his The ability is similar to Peter Parker, and in the comics, he is the second Spider-Man who succeeded him after Peter Parker died. But in the movie, he worshipped Peter Parker, who passed through another universe, and gradually grew into a new generation of superheroes.
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3 Spider-Man Six-Piece Peter Parker

The first-generation Spider-Man, which is best known to everyone, first appeared in comics in 1962. All six “Spider-Man” live-action movies deserved the male No.1, which became a spider-like superpower after being bitten by a radiation-infected spider, and became New York City. A famous superhero. In “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”, Peter Parker appeared as a Meyer instructor.

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4 Spider-Man Six-Group Spider Gewen

Spider Gwen’s white battle suit is eye-catching in “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”. In the movie, Gwen Stacey appeared as a classmate of Myers, but in fact it is parallel from another Spiderman that traversed the universe. In the comic setting, in her universe, her boyfriend Peter Parker became a lizard doctor due to the injection of mutant serum, and Gwen, who was in pain, became the spider woman and took justice.

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5 Spider-Man Six-Group Shadow Spider-Man

Spiderman upholds justice and never kills, but it is not necessarily in other universes. There is a Spider-Man who insists on violent violence and uses killing to maintain justice. He is Shadow Spider-Man. As a dark version of Spider-Man, Shadow Spider-Man debuted in comics for the first time in 2009. The story background was set in the 1930s of the Great Depression. This period is also a black movie. The era of the robbers usually chooses the background of the era, Shadow Spiderman. The style also follows the elements of this type of film.

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6 Spider-Man Six-Player

Can mutant spiders and other creatures also fuse? That’s right! In the many human spiders, there is also a short pig, long nose, and awkward spider man! Yes, it’s really a pig! The Pigman, whose name is Peter Poker, appeared in comics as early as the 80s. In his universe, all characters are anthropomorphic animals, such as Spiderman in this universe. Girlfriend Mary Jane is a buffalo. Can a friend who is interested can guess what animal is Captain America? Of course, I feel that the adaptation is not a mess, and the friends who say that they are not nonsense will not have to understand.

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7 Spider-Man’s six-person Penny Parker

Penny Parker is another female Spider-Man in the six-person group. She is a Japanese-American mixed-race. In the movie, her style is also completely Japanese. Penny Parker was not a superhero infected by the variant virus, but inherited the spider’s armor named “SP//dr” left by his father, with the help of two scientists, Ben and Mei. Synchronize and become another patron saint of New York.

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After the start of the film, the words “Approved by the Comics Code Authority” will appear when Marvel’s LOGO fades out. This is also a tribute to the old manga. When the American psychologist Frederick Wetham thought that comics were harmful to children and children, it eventually led to the implementation of the comic review system by the American Comic Magazine Association. The comics submitted their works for review, and the qualified works would be covered with this appended by Approved by The logo of the Comics Code Authority. This system continued until the beginning of this century, so this stalk is also a bit ridiculous.